Timberline Trekker

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Check out the Timberline Trekker Kid's Quest Indoor/Outdoor Playset – it's the ultimate adventure hub for your little ones!

The tower stands tall with a 3' high deck floor, providing the perfect vantage point for their imaginative explorations.

This playset comes fully equipped for excitement with a ladder to ascend, a slide for a quick descent, and a rock climb for a bit of vertical challenge – ensuring your kids stay active and engaged. But that's not all! There's a cool tic-tac-toe game mounted on the side of the tower, adding a touch of strategy to their playtime.

Underneath the 3' deck height, there's a cabin kit that adds a cozy hideaway element to the adventure. And here's the fun part: you can choose from four vibrant colors for the tower – Aqua, Black, Lime Green, and Purple – to suit your kids' preferences or match your backyard aesthetic.

To take the comfort level up a notch, we offer plush cushions as an optional add-on. Transform the cabin into a snug spot where your little ones can unwind with their favorite toy or book or just chill out after an action-packed play session.

It's more than a playset; it's a Timberline Trekker Kid's Quest – where imagination knows no bounds!