Why Choose a Play Mor Playset?

Get More for Your Hard-Earned Money: Our outdoor playsets give you more value for your money than playsets from our leading swingset competitors. Enjoy a bigger playset with more options for the same money!

Stand Out From the Crowd: Our highly skilled team of craftsmen has created a unique line of children’s wooden swingsets that are known for their creative design, superior quality, and multiple options. Choose a Play Mor Swing Set and prepare yourself for a new experience in outdoor play.

Make Lots of Lasting Family Memories: We want to help your family spend more time together at home. For 15 years Play Mor Swing Sets has existed to help parents such as you build relationships with their children in a wholesome family setting.

And That’s Not All: At the bottom of this page discover 10 reasons to choose a Play Mor wooden swing set!


Outstanding Materials and Craftsmanship

Swings have rubber-coated chains that will not pinch your children’s hands.

Our quality wooden swingsets are made entirely of #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine that has been kiln-dried before and after the treatment process. The result is a beautiful, lightweight lumber that offers superior strength, durability, and weather resistance. Your backyard playset will be a safe place for your children to play and an attractive addition to your yard for many years to come.

We mill all of our lumber and round the edges of each piece to make a smooth surface free of sharp corners. This helps to protect your children’s tender hands and arms from getting slivers or abrasions while playing.

Canvas tops feature a durable rubberized Canvas with brass grommets every 8 inches to withstand harsh winds and reduce replacement costs.

Some of the Features and Benefits in Our Sets…

  • Our play sets are made of milled lumber with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to prevent slivers and abrasions.
  • Adequate braces on the towers and attachments keep the structure solid under many years of rugged use.
  • Attractive, tear resistant canvases provide shade for your little ones and protection from the sun’s UV rays.
  • A top cap on the swing beams adds strength and rain protection.
  • Our laminated beams with triple 2×6′s are much stronger than solid beams!
  • Laminated 4×4 posts reduce warping.
  • Soft grips on swing chains are gentle on tender hands.
  • Heavy duty, double-wall slides take lots of rough play.
  • Double rope railings make our gang planks safer for small children.
  • All sets are made with No. 1 Grade treated Southern Yellow Pine to make your set long-lasting and very strong.
  • Choose heavy duty swivels on your swing accessories if you want to swing a lot of weight.
  • Countersunk lag bolts and screws hold the corners together—those corners are strong!
  • 10 year limited warranty on the entire playset.
  • All top ladders have a double 2×6 with 2×4 top cap on each side of the rungs.
  • Bar climbers have textured rungs to give your children more grip to prevent falling.
  • Our sandbox covers have weighted hems instead of Velcro that get’s plugged with sand.
  • Rock climbs are not slippery like plastic rocks—even look like the real thing!

Ten Reasons to Choose a Play Mor Swing Set

  1. Structural Strength – Southern Yellow Pine has superior structural strength and a lasting exterior surface which makes it perfect for creating a sturdy, durable playset.
  2. Multiple Options – Play Mor wooden playsets are option friendly. Accessories easily attach to any part of the tower.
  3. Fine Quality – We pay attention to detail. All of our lumber is milled and all edges are rounded to keep our product free from sharp corners.
  4. Exceptional Value – At Play Mor you get more for your money. Compare apples to apples with our leading competitors and you will find that you get a bigger wooden playset with more options for the same money.
  5. Unique Design – Our products have unique design features exclusive to Play Mor Swing Sets making them attractive additions to your backyard.
  6. Easy Installation – Our professional installers are prepared to deliver and assemble your play equipment for you.
  7. Ready Changeability – Changing the color of your wooden playset is as easy as adding a fresh coat of paint or stain.
  8. Renewable Resource – The harvest cycle for Southern Yellow Pine is only 25-40 years. Harvesters ensure future resources by planting thousands of acres each year as they harvest.
  9. Limited Warranty – All Play Mor products come with a five-year limited warranty against defects. Furthermore, all wooden components carry a lifetime limited warranty against rotting or fungal decay.
  10. Lasting Memories – Memories made with your children are priceless. Interacting with your children on one of our wooden swing sets is bound to create precious, fun-filled memories.

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