Snowcap Trailblazer XXL

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Meet the Snowcap Trailblazer XXL Kid's Quest Indoor/Outdoor Playset – where adventure and fun collide!

This playset is a little explorer's dream with its 4' high deck floor, steps, slide, rock climb, and even a built-in tic-tac-toe game for some brainy play.

The tower isn't just a play space; it's a mini sanctuary with a cabin kit installed underneath.

Choose from four vibrant colors – Aqua, Black, Lime Green, and Purple – to match your kiddo's style or add a pop of color to your backyard.

And hey, why not make the cabin extra cozy? We've got optional plush cushions available, turning their hideaway into the ultimate chill spot.

Let the adventures begin with the Snowcap Trailblazer XXL – where imagination knows no bounds!