Mali Fusion + Sea Jewel Pillow Set

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Check out our awesome Cushions for Kid's Quest Playsets! The Mali Fusion + Sea Jewel Pillow Set of 3 is a total game-changer.

Picture this: a Large Gray cushion measuring 30"x30" for ultimate comfort, a stylish medium Coral Pillow at 14"x24", and a cute small Cheetah pillow at 14"x14".

These cushions are not just comfy but also add a pop of fun to the play area. Plus, you can mix and match or snag the whole set – whatever suits your vibe.

Whether the kiddos are playing, reading, or just chilling, these cushions bring a touch of magic to the Kid's Quest adventure.

And hey, they're available individually or as a set – because we get that personal style is a thing!

Let me know if you want more details or if there's anything else you're curious about!