#104 Family Space Saver Playset


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PlayMor swingsetsThe Space Saver line from Play Mor Swing Sets can turn a tiny space into Big Fun. With a tiny footprint of just 10’ by 15’ it will fit into any backyard. These space savers are also perfect for hilly yards where a flat surface is hard to find.

Shown in Wood* $5,074
• Wood Dimensions 11' L x 15.5' W
• Payments as Low as $84 per month for 120 Months at 12.99% Interest (Pending Approval)
Available in Poly $5,874
• Poly Dimensions 11' L x 15.5' W
• Deck Height 5'
• Swing Height 9'
• Approximate Play Area 20' L x 30' W
• Payments as Low as $96 per month for 120 Months at 12.99% Interest (Pending Approval)
• Payments as Low as $212 per month for 48 Months at 23.99% Interest (Pending Approval)
• Payments as Low as $269 per month for 48 Months (No Credit Check)


Features and Benefits


Wood #104 Playset

  • The 5' Watch Tower is made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine. A smooth surfaces and rounded corners helps to protect your children's hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.
  • The Single Canopy is designed to withstand harsh wind: it is made from a high quality tear-resistant material, with brass grommets every 8 inches.
  • The Kitchen Kit inspires imaginations to cook up hours of sweet memories.
  • The Space Saver Attachment Beam is built for years of safe and fun family times.
  • Two Sling Swings offer a comfortable seat with a soft grip on the chains so as not to pinch tender hands.
  • An extra woosh of excitement with a 10' Scoop Wave Slide.
  • A pair of Hand Grips added to the 5' Steps for a safer climb to the tower.
  • The Child's Round Table and Chairs is the perfect place for them to draw, play games, or have a picnic.
  • Steering Wheel and a Super Scope encourage imaginations to soar.
  • Two Flags add an extra splash of color.

Poly #104 Playset

  • The 5' Poly Watch Tower is manufactured from Organic Treated Wood and coated with low-maintenance and splinter free Poly.