#1 Summer's Cove


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#1 Swing Set - PlayMor SwingsAdd excitement to your backyard with this ideal sturdy wooden swing set. Children will enjoy hours of sunshine between soaring up to the sky on various swinging options, and climbing up the Ladder to go whooshing down the slide.

Pictured in Wood* $2,578
 Wood Dimensions 16' L x 15' W
• Payments as Low as $44 per month for 120 Months at 12.99% Interest (Pending Approval)
Available in Poly $3,128
 Poly Dimensions 18' L x 15' W
• Wood or Poly Swing Height 8'
• Approximate Play Area 23' L x 25' W
• Payments as Low as $52 per month for 120 Months at 12.99% Interest (Pending Approval)
• Payments as Low as $115 per month for 48 Months at 23.99% Interest (Pending Approval)
• Payments as Low as $146 per month for 48 Months (No Credit Check)


Features and Benefits

  • Easy Ride 4 Position Attachment Beam is built for years of safe and fun family times.
  • Slide Attachment
  • An extra woosh of excitment with a 10' Wave Slide
  • Some upside-down fun can be enjoyed with our Trapeze with Rings.
  • 2 Sling Swings offer a comfortable seat with a soft grip on the chains so as not to pinch tender hands.
  • Friends and siblings can enjoy a ride together on the Horse Glider
  • A pair of Hand Grips added to the 5' Entrance Steps for a safer climb to the tower.
  • Free Delivery & Setup within 20 Miles!

Suggested Use

  • Age Appeal: 2–10
  • Play Capacity: 1–7 children