4x6 Rectangular Set #2

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The 4’x 6’ Rectangular Table is large enough to seat six guests comfortably – perfect for family barbeques in the backyard. Select the option that works best in your environment, and then send out invitations for an evening they won’t want to miss!

Standard Table Set includes: A 4x6' Rectangle Table, 2 Captain Chairs, and 4 Regular chairs.


Standard Color Premium wood Grain
Dining Height: $2,829 $3,126
Counter Height: $3,010 $3,332
Bar Height: $3,102 3,426


SPECS: Table Chair
Dining Height: 74″W x 48″D x 30.25″H 21″W x 21.25″D x 44″H
Counter Height: 74″W x 48″D x 36.25″H 21″W x 21.25″D x 50″H
Bar Height: 74″W x 48″D x 42″H 21″W x 21.25″D x 56″H
Seat Dimensions  ...

19″SW x 17″SD

And comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!

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