King's Tower Series

Once your youngsters step into this spacious tower, they will quickly imagine themselves heirs to a kingly inheritance. They can gaze out over their vast backyard domain from the regal height of this tower, commanding everything in sight to jump at their command. (Never mind if the only ones doing the jumping are Sir Rover and Miss Cheshire!)
The upper 5' tower has four standard openings, and the 7' tower has three. One possible Climb opening on both towers. Your "king" or "queen" can choose a royal hideout or a majestic dining hall on the ground level of this abode. Add some daring challenges such as the Trapeze Bar and this is truely a playset fir fo his or her "highness." (2 Flags and a Ladder come standard. Available with a 5' or 7' floor level.)

Tower Dimensions: L=63" x W=91½"  •  Floor Height: 5' and 7'

Our packages listed below can be customized by exchanging or adding swings and accessories!

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