Happy Hideout Set #H68-10

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For kids who love playing house, this set includes a deluxe playhouse complete with door and safety windows. The front deck of the house leads to a wavy slide, which is accessible through a safety ladder or rock wall. This set sports a large sandbox as well as a swing area with two rubber-coated seats and a trapeze/ring combo. An easy rider glider swing is also included with this model.

Package #H68-10
  • Standard Vinyl Colors: Almond or Bright White
  • Tower: 6' x 5' playhouse on 6' x 8' deck with 5' Deck Height
  • Longer Post to Attach a High Beam
  • 5' Entrance Ladder with Hand Rails
  • Mini Rock Wall (for 5' Deck Height)
  • 3 Position Extra High Swing Beam (10 High)
  • 2~Belt Swings
  • 1~Trapeze
  • Easy Rider Glider
  • Wonder Wave Slide
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Standard Installation Included within 20 Miles (Site must be level and accessible with no fences)
Playset Dimensions: 17' x 25'