#825 Neighborhood Playstation

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With a Neighborhood Playstation Swing Set waiting for them, your children won't be able to wait to go outside! Four slides, one Trapeze Swing, two Sling Swings, one Horse Glider, one Molded Tire Swing, and one Hammock will keep them cheering with glee! The Picnic Table and Chairs is a perfect spot for afternoon snacks or activities. A Fireman's Pole,  Monkey Bar Climber are more of the many ways your children will stay busy. There is room for the whole neighborhood to come out to romp and play with the amazing assortments of accessories! Give your kids healthy, wholesome fun to enjoy while you can be a peace, knowing where they are and who they are with.



  • 2 Deluxe Sky Towers made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine. Smooth surfaces and rounded corners helps to protect your children's hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.
  • 2 weather-resistant, high quality Double Tricolor Canopies helps protect part of your tower from rain and the sun’s UV rays, and also makes a little shade for your energetic youngsters.
  • The Picnic Table Kit is a great place to enjoy a sisters' tea party or family picnic in your own backyard. (includes Half Floor Kit)
  • High Ride 4 Position High Ride Attachment Beam, Easy Ride 4 Position Attachment Beam, and Low Ride 3 Position Attachment Beam, built for years of safe and fun family times.
  • Some upside-down fun can be enjoyed with our Trapeze With Rings.
  • Two Sling Swings offer a comfortable seat with a soft grip on the chains so as not to pinch tender hands.
  • Friends and siblings can enjoy a ride together on the Horse Glider.
  • Sporting powder coated rungs, the Monkey Bar Climber offers many years of climbing enjoyment for you and your children.
  • An extra woosh of excitment with a 14' Scoop Wave Slide, one 10' Scoop Wave Slide, one 7' Turbo Twister Slide, and one 5' Side Winder Slide.
  • One 9' 9" Bridge creates a fun walkway to between towers.
  • Put all your energy into swinging in any direction with a Molded Tire Swing.
  • Relax in our Hammock Swing.
  • Our 12' Gang Plank has a double rope railing and wooden safety treads to provide a safe walkway up to the tower.
  • Scale the side of the Tower the challenging way with 7' Rock Climb, and a 5' Cargo Net.
  • 5’ Steps with added Hand Rails to make a safer climb to the tower.
  • Keep dirt and animals out of your sandboxes when it's not in use with 2 Sandbox Covers, which feature a weighted hem to ensure they stay in place.
  • Two Steering Wheels, Two Super Scopes, a pair of Binoculars encourage imaginations to soar.
  • Let your little ones enjoy a safe ride before they know how to hang on themselves with our 2 Baby Swings.
  • Offer your children another way to play with a Buoy Ball.
  • Six Flags for an extra splash of color.

Playset Dimensions

  • 40.5' L x 25' W
  • 5' & 7' Floor Height
  • 10' Swing Height

Play Area

  • 50' Length x 35' Width

Suggested Use

  • Age Appeal: 2–14
  • Play Capacity: 1–24 children