#505 Golden Moments Playset

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Deluxe Sky Tower Series

PlayMor Wooden Playsets in Ohio

  • The Deluxe Sky Tower is made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine. A smooth surfaces and rounded corners helps to protect your children's hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.
  • A weather-resistant Double Canopy helps protect part of your tower from rain and the sun’s UV rays, and also makes a little shade for your energetic youngsters.
  • The Disc Swing Attachment Beam is built for years of safe and fun family times.
  • Let your little ones enjoy a safe ride before they know how to hang on themselves with our Baby Swing.
  • Two Sling Swings offer a comfortable seat with a soft grip on the chains so as not to pinch tender hands.
  • Offer your children another way to play with a Disc Swing.
  • Add an extra woosh of excitement with a 14' Scoop Wave Slide.
  • A 5' Cargo Net to add an exciting challenge up to the tower.
  • Added Hand Grips to 5' Steps make a safer climb to the tower.
  • Keep dirt and animals out of your sandbox when it's not in use with a Sandbox Cover, which features a weighted hem to ensure it stays in place.
  • A Steering Wheel with Super Scope encourage imaginations to soar.
  • Three Flags for an extra splash of color.

Playset Dimensions

  • 22' L x 19.5" W
  • 5' and 7' Floor Height
  • 8' Swing Height

Play Area

  • 30' Length x 30' Width

Suggested Use

  • Age Appeal: 2–14
  • Play Capacity: 1–8 children